Prayer in the Arctic Zone


Prayer in the Arctic Zone


For many people, the question of “how do Muslims determine the prayer times in the Arctic?” is a hypothetical one.  However, I found myself looking up this information when taking a trip recently to the Arctic zone and experiencing the polar twilight first-hand.  Above the Arctic Circle, the sun does not rise above the horizon for several weeks beginning in mid-December.  However, there are Muslims who live and travel in this area, and they find themselves seeking guidance about the timings of the daily prayers.

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The most prevalent opinions seem to be that one should base the prayer times either on the “nearest place” or the “nearest day” that does have distinct periods of night and day.  So one should either find a nearby city that does have sunrise and sunset, and base the times on that place, or one should use the prayer times of your Arctic location on the most recent day which did have sunrise and sunset.



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