to all my beloved Muslim brothers and sisters. this is one of the step to help people gain knowledge about Islam and  in Islamic world  blog is not just specifically created for a certain group or class its is created to guid and let people in all over th world know about Muslim Islam and there culture . this blog is always open for comments and suggestions, if any body wish or plan to discuss anything regarding the blog or its content along pertaining to any issue please dont hesitate, just email me and ill post something related on my blog inshaAllah(if God wills). my email is richard_reallskill@yahoo.com

all the members are free to criticize and post comment and forward the blog to others for there further knowledge. it is worth mentioning here that the articles that i have posted belong to various websites,


One Response to About

  1. رياض الصالحين باللغة المالديفية
    Riyadussaliheen – Dhivehi Translation
    by Abdulla Faroog Ibrahim


    Maldivian United Youth Association

    This is first time translation of Riyadussaliheen in maldivian language
    please publish this book in your website

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